Why You Should Use Original Equipment (OE) Tyres?

on August 9, 2023

| 5 minutes read

Are you in the market for a new set of tyres for your ride?

As a car owner, you know better than anyone that a good set of tyres makes all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to performance, comfort, and the overall driving experience. Choosing the right tyres is a big responsibility for both seasoned drivers and first-time owners alike, and can seem like an overwhelming task that involves loads of research.

It may seem tempting to simply select a tyre brand by focusing solely on the price, design, or availability, but it’s important to ensure that you are purchasing OE tyres for your vehicle.

What is Original Equipment (OE) Tyres?

When a vehicle part is labelled original equipment, this means that development of that vehicle part took place very early in the production process of that vehicle. Original equipment is made especially for a specific vehicle model. In the case of tyres, OE tyre manufacturers work closely with vehicle manufacturers to create tyres that meet that vehicle’s specifications exactly. In short, OE tyres (and the vehicle they’re designed for) are an optimal match.

Every vehicle manufacturer has unique specifications and design philosophies, and OE tyre manufacturers do their best to meet these requirements as closely as possible. Because OE tyres and vehicles are developed together, using OE tyres with your vehicle can help maintain the optimal performance and driving experience that your vehicle’s manufacturer envisioned you to have.

If you’re looking for your first set of replacement tyres, consider investing in another set of OE tyres–the set that your vehicle was originally supplied with. You can then rest easy knowing that you’ve purchased and affixed tyres that were literally made just for your vehicle model, specifically designed to give you the best possible handling, performance, stability, and durability.

Where can I find good OE tyres and Replacement tyres?

You can find OE tyres and Replacement tyres for your vehicle model at any tyre dealership or workshops near you.

When it comes to tyre brands, Toyo Tires may be relatively new in the Malaysian market, but it demonstrates strong competitiveness among the others. Its OE (original equipment) tyres are meticulously designed for specific vehicle models and strictly follow the specifications of car manufacturers, passing even the most stringent regulations. To achieve this level of quality, Toyo Tyres also makes use of in-house R&D and proprietary technologies such as T-Mode, ATOM, and Nano Balance.

Toyo Tires: Officially OEM Certified

As a result, Toyo Tires supplies tyres to major OEM manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, Lexus and Perodua– a glowing testament to the unparalleled performance and quality of Toyo Tires.

Aside from its OE product line, Toyo Tires also offers replacement tyres–its after-sales solution for customers looking to purchase a new set of rubber for their rides.

While all OE tyre manufacturers strive to provide quality tyres, Toyo Tires pushes its efforts to the next level, ensuring every minute requirement of the client is met, resulting in a product line of tyres that caters to every possible driving situation imaginable.

Find your car’s OE tyres via this link: 


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