About Prihatin Extended Warranty Program 

Prihatin Extended Warranty Program (PEWP) is an additional warranty protection plan that we provide to consumers. The selected tires will receive an additional protection for 6 months OR 10,000 km mileage from the date of purchase. (Whichever comes first).

You are eligible for the Prihatin Extended Warranty Program when you purchase a minimum of 2 tyres from any authorized Toyo Tires Center. This warranty applies to the following Toyo Tires models: Proxes Sport 2, Proxes CR1/CR1 SUV, and Proxes TR1. 

Tyres used on vehicles for commercial purposes or any signs used for competition (such as racing) would not be eligible for this warranty.

Registration must be done in a period of 14 days from the date of invoice.

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No. Only selected authorised Toyo Tires dealers will be participating in this program. 

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Currently, the Extended Prihatin Warranty coverage includes three eligible tyre models:

  1. Proxes Sport 2
  2. Proxes CR1/CR1 SUV
  3. Proxes TR1

Road hazards such as impact, kerbing, tread/sidewall cut from sharp objects or irrepairable puncture

No cash refund will be provided during the claiming process. Replacement of tyres will be with the same tyre size and model. 

This warranty exclusively covers tyre replacements, and any associated labor costs will be the customer’s responsibility.

Account Registration

Please do contact our tecnical customer service via email at tsmtechnical@toyotires.com.my

If you discover that the information provided is incorrect, kindly send a screenshot with the updated details via email to our technical representative at tsmtechnical@toyotires.com.my.

Your data, your control. We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) to ensure the security and privacy of your personal information.

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File a Case and Warranty

Customers are permitted to submit a minimum of two tyres and a maximum of four tyres per entry, as long as the purchase is eligible under the warranty. There is no restriction on the number of entries a customer can make, as long as they provide the receipt as proof of purchase.

In order to submit your claim, you are required to register your tyres first with these steps; 

  1. Register to Prihatin Extended Warranty. 
  2. Click ‘Add New Tyre’ in the period of 14 days after the date of purchase / invoice. 
  3. Fill in the required details. 
  4. Receive email confirmation on your registration in 3 working days. 

Once your tyre is protected with Prihatin Extended Warranty, submit your claims by following these simple steps; 

  1. Login to your Account.
  2. Book your appointment.
  3. Receive your email confirmation.
  4. Drive to your preferred dealers to replace your tyres.

Learn more about the warranty registration & claim processes

No.  In order to initiate the warranty registration process, customers are required to upload a snapshot of the original receipt as proof of purchase. 

In the event that you have misplaced or lost your receipt, kindly reach out to your dealers for assistance.

You will be notified with a message sent to your inbox. You may check your notifications for updates.


A replacement will be arranged immediately or subject to stock availability at the authorized dealer.


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